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Rancocas Friends' Playground

Rancocas Friends' Playground

We have always had a place for our children to play thanks to the Rancocas Friends' Meeting. Everyone has always been welcome. With much regret we have some sad news. For sometime now, there has been some very bad behavior. One Friday, two young boys were caught whacking the tulips down with sticks in front of the Meeting House. Also, the slide on the Pirate Ship was destroyed. A dangerous opening was left which could have caused injury to the schoolchildren.

Several school people have asked the children if they know of anyone breaking toys or going into the shed and taking out equipment. A new birdfeeder was smashed less than two days after it was put out. There is trash being left on the grounds. Someone has been using the Pirate Ship and the Airplane as a toilet.

It is not our intent to adopt drastic action, but someone has got to accept responsibility for the damage and lack of respect demonstrated on the playground. These are not harmless pranks, but vandalism. The playground is not township property. It is the Friends' property, and they have graciously allowed the Villagers the use of it for these many years. It is our hope and belief that our Village children are not responsible, but they do bring in their friends. Sometimes things get out of hand. If friends are brought in, please make sure they understand that they need to be with someone from the Village to play there. Please, no one should be on the playground after dusk.

Man Hunt

This is a game our children play throughout the Village. It is a version of hide and seek. Many residents have seen children playing in the streets and on properties as late as 9:30 p.m. We all know how bad the traffic is on Main Street, and how some drivers take the corners. We want the children to have fun, but for safety reasons we ask that they stay out of the street and on their own properties. Michael Jordan at State Farm Insurance asks that the children do not play on his parking lot during their hours of business as he is afraid someone will get hurt.

If anyone has any infomation please contact via E-mail: info@rancocasnj.org or call (609) 267-1265. Thank you.

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