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Rancocas Cemetary

The Rancocas Burying Grounds - Alpha List

Thanks to Nora Dunfee for this information. Photos by D. Galeone, 2007

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30W8 Baldwin, Axy A. (3/28/1852 - 8/8/1903)
30W3 Bennett Reservation res.
30W4 Bennett Reservation res.
31E1 Barryann, Hannah (1832-1869)
32E2 Barryann, H. L. (1847-1872)
5W8 Belzer, Katharine E. (Murphy listed under Haines) (1875-1937)
23W1 Bishop, Edith D. (1804-1880)
23W2 Bishop, Joseph F. (1803-1889)
23W3 Bishop, Martha (1813-1896)
23W4 Bishop, Isaab F. (1811-1902)
23W9 Bloomer, Edith S. (1895-1970
23W10 Bloomer, Robert G. (V) (1895-1959)
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11W4 Borton, John (1805-1866)
11W14 Borton, John W. (1850-1876)
16W1 Borton, George B. (1830-1916)
16W2 Borton, Susan W. (1838-1923)
16W3 Borton, Frank L. (1863-1914)
16W4 Borton, C. Walter (1867-1959)
16W5 Borton, Sarah Carter (1865-1920)
16W6 Borton, J. Harvey (1872-1937)
16W8 Borton, Alice E. (1874-1962)
9E4 Borton, J. Howard (1860-1872)
22E1 Bowker, Samuel James (Born and died 4/28/1948)
22E2 Keith Bowker Reservation res.
22E3 Keith Bowker Reservation res.
22E4 Keith Bowker Reservation res.
22E5 Keith Bowker Reservation res.
22E6 Keith Bowker Reservation res.
16E22 Borwne, Clemma S. Haines (1877-1950)
16E23 Borwne, Samuel (1880-1941)
25W1 Burkley, Betty (1928-1933)
25W2 Burkley, Joseph (1891-1958)
25W3 Burkley, Helen S. (1888-1973)
1W6 Buzby, Dorothy L. (1918-1935)
1W7 Buzby, Elgar L. (1890-1958)
1W8 Buzby, Nellie S. (1887-1966)
2W6 Buzby, T. Harvey(1897-1964)
7W3 Buzby, Elizabeth L. (1863-1938)
7W4 Buzby, Thomas T. (1861-1925)
8W11 Buzby, Phebe Woolman (1848-1918)
8W12 Buzby, Evan (1849-1922)
14W7 Buzby, Annie S. (died 1919)
15W13 Buzby, Rebecca (1819-1902)
15W14 Buzby, Amos (1819-1906)
17W1 Buzby, Walter J. (1865-1950)
17W2 Buzby, Emily W. (1865-1926)
17W3 Buzby, George H. (1896-1922)
17W4 Buzby, Margaret H. (1895-1954)
18W7 Buzby, Ella T. (?)
18W8 Buzby, MaryAnn (?)
18W13 Buzby, Richard (1856-1925)
15E16 Buzby, Mary (1807-1866)
15E18 Buzby, John (1808-1884)
17E13 Buzby, Benjamin V. (1806-1889)
17E14 Buzby, Lottie H. (1856-1891)
17E15 Buzby, Elizabeth P. (1817-1897)
17E18 Buzby, MaryJane (1819-1915)
18E23 Buzby, Amos (1779-1868)
18E24 Buzby, Mary W. (1788-1868)
15W3? Buzby, Ida (no stone) (died 1931)
2W8 Buzby, Thomas Harvey, Jr (1921-1970)
2W8 Buzby, Elizabeth Ann 6/17/1925-8/20/2006
2W7 Buzby, Ellen E. (wife of T. Harvey 1897-1981) died 12/29/1981
17W5 Buzby, J. Howard (1893-1976)
12W5 Copskey, Rosemary Hilyard (1923-1955)
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29W1 Cotterell, Ernest A. S. (1874-1961)
29W2 Cotterell, Isobel Mary (1878-1972)
31W3 Cotton, Rachel W. (1875-1961)
31W4 Cotton, Randolph (1869-1949)
5W6 Cramer, Ada H. (1890-1914)
24W2 Cramer, Sarah H. (1881-1962)
24W3 Cramer, Jesse E. (1878-1938)
29W13 Crawford, Paul S. (S) (died 1898)
31W6 Clark, Charles H. Reservation res.
31W7 Clark Evelyn I. Reservation res.
13W17 Danser, Anna (1853-1865)
13W18 Danser, Henry (1855-1865)
27W1 Danser, Joel H. (illegible)
20E22 Danser, Charles M. (1858-1884)
20E27 Danser, Howard R. (1867-1897)
11W6 Deacon, Thomas Eayre (1789-1853)
23W5 Deacon, Eliabeth S. (1811-1901)
17E17 Deacon, Rebecca D. (1811-1901)
18E25 Deacon, Marianna (aged 28 years)
26W1 Earling, Leonard (1810-1884)
26W2 Earling, Margaret (died 1893)
26W3 Earling, William Henry no stone or vault (died Nov. 1937)
21W15 Ellis, Elizabeth E. H. J. (1885-1945)
6W3 Engle, Tylee B. (1845-1930)
6W4 Engle, Annie S. (1850-1936)
6W5 Engle, Howard S. (1873-1936)
6W6 Engle, Ella D. (died 1959)
10E13 Engle, Edith R. (1828-1911)
12E16 Engle, Jarvis S. (1804-1889)
6W11 Engle, Ruth N. (1902-1969)
8E3 Gardner, Charles W. (illegible)
20E25 Garwood, Carry W. (1864-1890)
20E28 Garwood, B. C. (1888-1910)
21W9 Gaskill, Hannah H. (1879-1903)
21W9 Gaskill, Albert J. (1903)
6W9 Gaskill, Laura (1899-1996)
6W10 Gaskill, Charles N. (1898-1975)
30W11 Grovatt, Charles E. (1886-1905)
30W12 Grovatt, Alfred H. (1888-1905)
2W1 Haines, Elizabeth L. (1915-1917)
2W2 Haines, Gertrude Leeds (1879-1946)
2W3 Haines, Hudson B. (1873-1955)
2W4 Haines, Granville E. (11/4/1908-5/25/1994)
4W2 Haines, Hannah Ann (1834-1920)
4W3 Haines, Hannah H. (1861-1925)
4W5 Haines, Horace E. (1853-1936)
4W6 Haines, Amelia S. (1863-1938)
4W7 Haines, Alfred Malcolm (1864-1943)
4W8 Haines, Florence H. (1875-1956)
5W3 Haines, Elizabeth S. (?)
5W4 Haines, Burr (1830-1905)
5W5 Haines, Elizabeth B. (1830-1913)
5W7 Haines, Howard M. (1854-1914)
5W8 Haines, Katharine E. Belzer (1875-1937)
5W12 Haines, Gertrude J. (1888-1923)
9W3 Haines, Hannah B. (1831-1901)
18W10 Haines, Rachel W. (1859-1938)
18W12 Haines, Stokes (1817-1878)
18W14 Haines, Rebecca S. (1822-1899)
2E2 Haines, Sarah J. (died Aug. 1927)
2E3 Haines, William (died Aug. 1927)
6E4 Haines, Spenser (1846-1911)
6E6 Haines, Samuel (1835-1912)
6E7 Haines, Mary W. (1837-1924)
6E8 Haines, Emily (1868-1934)
6E10 Haines, Caleb P. (1837-1882)
7E9 Haines, Hannah H. W. (1853-1935)
7E10 Haines, David S. (1861-1922)
10E10 Haines, Henry (aged 56 yrs)
10E11 Haines, Edwin B. (1847-1892)
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10E12 Haines, Mary W. (aged 84)
10E14 Haines, Rachel (1824-1911)
12E15 Haines, Susan B. (1805-1868)
16E10 Haines, Donald B. (1928-1965)
16E11 Haines, Ellis H. (died 1857, 18 days old)
16E12 Haines, Joseph S. (1860-1865)
16E13 Haines, Mary K. (1882-1885)
16E14 Haines, Hudson B. (1796-1869)
16E15 Haines, Harry B. (died 1872, 1 mo, 20 days)
16E16 Haines, Uriah W. (1800-1871)
16E17 Haines, Frank T. (1857-1875)
16E18 Haines, Mordecai S. (1837-1886)
16E19 Haines, Chas. B. (1865-1907)
16E20 Haines, Letitia P. (1807-1888)
16E21 Haines, Hannah A. (1842-1891)
23E23 Haines, Mary S. B. (1846-1911)
16E9 Haines, Elizabeth C. (1889-1970)
16E9 Haines, Mordecai S. (1884-1971)
30W5 Haines, Elsie, Cottrell (1898-1995)
30W6 Haines, Elsie, Cottrell family reservation res.
2W4 Haines, Granville reservation res.
2W5 Haines, Granville reservation res.
23W8 Hammond, Clarence E. Jr. (1899-1964)
23W8 Hammond, Myrtle S. ashes in one grave (1903-1960)
21W1 Hansell, James S. (1811-1881)
21W1 Hansell, Florence (1880-1881)
21W2 Hansell, Hanna (1810-1887)
21W4 Hansell, Albert (1840-1924)
21W4 Hansell, David G. (1879-1881)
21W5 Hansell, Elizabeth H. (1858-1888)
21W5 Hansell, Bertha (1887-1888)
21W12 Hansell, Wilmot (1849-1933)
21W12 Hansell, Virginia Tracy (1854-1917)
21W13 Hansell, Albert, Jr. (1880-1923)
21W14 Hansell, Mary R. (1908-1942)
21W10 Hansell, Lydia C. (1885-1970)
21W11 Hansell, Amos, Sr. (1882-1971)
28W5 Harbison, Anna E (died 1882)
16W6 Halonen, Emil (1899-1971)
26W5 Hill, Mary (1826-1885)
26W6 Hill, Franklin (1820-1909)
27W5 Hill, Mary (1846-1878)
27W6 Hill, Adam (died 1879)
8E4 Hill, Ann B.? (1827-1872)
10W1 Hilyard, James (1802-1870)
10W2 Hilyard, Joseph W. (1803-1884)
10W3 Hilyard, Hannah Thompson (1813-1909)
10W4 Hilyard, Emeline E. (1818-1891)
10W5 Hilyard, Mary E. (1850-1903)
10W6 Hilyard, J. Barclay (1848-1913)
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10W7 Hilyard, Jonathan H. (1845-1912)
10W8 Hilyard, Anna (1850-1917)
10W9 Hilyard, Cora (1857-1926)
10W10 Hilyard, Susan L. M. (1853-1942)
10W11 Hilyard, J. Franklin (1847-1937)
11W2 Hilyard, James (?)
11W7 Hilyard, Anna Maria (1835-1860)
11W8 Hilyard, Jonathan (1807-1869)
19E24 Hilyard, Scott or Jarrett? Jacob? (?)
24E19 Hilyard, Ellen (aged 18 years)
24E23 Hilyard, Benjamin (1833-1890)
16W9 Houck, Lois M. (1900-1978)
23E21 Hunt, Rachel G. (1829-1904)
6E9 Heston, Ester Haines (Linton), listed under Linton (?)
5W2 Jones, Sarah H. (1858-1933)
21W14 Jones, Elizabeth E. H. J. Ellis, see also under Ellis (?)
15W16 Jamison, Francis L. (1894-1973)
15W16 Jamison, Mildred (nee Fox) (1901-1997)
19W4 Janney, Ernest F. (V) (1894-1971)
19W3 Janney, Frances Stokes (1896-1973)
30E2 Keen, Amanda S. (no dates)
30E6 Keen, Edward (no dates)
30E7 Keen, Sarah (no dates)
30E8 Keen, Emily (no dates)
30E9 Keen, Lizzie P. (no dates)
31E3 Keen, Ruth Anna (aged 23 yrs, ?died 1865)
32E1 Keen, Elmina (?died 1871)
33E1 Keen, Peter (no dates)
30W9 Kensett, Thomas (1819-1806)
30W10 Kensett, Charlotte (1825-1910)
32E6 Koschke Rudolf (V) (1908-1957)
31W8 Knoke, Eleanor Cotterell (1911-1972)
31W9 Knoke, Eberhard Frederick (1905-1974)
24W11 Keeting (Loidl) Reservation res.
24W12 Keeting (Loidl) Reservation res.
24W13 Keeting (Loidl) Reservation res.
24W14 Keeting (Loidl) Reservation res.
24W15 Keeting (Loidl) Reservation res.
1W1 Leeds, Granville W. (1854-1917)
1W2 Leeds, Nancy M. (1853-1926)
7W1 Leeds, Jacob H. (1826-1901)
7W2 Leeds, Margaret W. (1832-1901)
6E9 Linton, Esther A. (Haines-Heston) (1846-1926)
21W3 Lippincott, Jessie H. (1873-1883)
21W6 Lippincott, Lieut. R. R. (Richard R) (no dates)
21W7 Lippincott, Ella Hansell (1844-1914)
25W13 Loidl, August (1896-1947)
3W1 Lundy, Joseph (1840-1916)
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3W2 Lundy, Mary E. (1841-1927)
3W3 Lundy, Maurice E. (1865-1943)
3W4 Lundy, Laura T. (1872-1955)
3W5 Lundy, Bessie M. Roberts (1871-1944)
3W6 Lundy, J. Wilmer (1869-1966)
22E20 Lundy, Nellie S. (1890 aged 7 mo.)
1E1 Martin, Emlen (1863-1922)
6E1 Martin, William L. M. D. (1827-1903)
6E2 Martin, Lucy H. (1840-1900)
18W9 Moore, Joshua R. (1818-1868)
18W9 Moore, Ellen D. (1827-1900)
19W14 Moore, Josephine D. (1855-1918)
5W8 Murphy, Katherine Haines. Maurice Lundy List, under Haines. (?)
5W8 Tombstone has Katharine E. Belzer, wife of Howard M. Haines) (?)
25E5 Mathis, reservation (Jim and Betty) res.
25E6 Mathis, James R. (1915-2003)
25E7 Mathis, Mary Elizabeth, nee Stevens reservation (1917- )
27W8 Oldershaw, for Ernest L. (actually 27W9) (1892-1986)
27W8 Oldershaw, Florence S. (1890-1966)
4E6 Parker, I. C. Reservation res.
4E7 Parker, I. C. Reservation res.
4E8 Parker, I. C. Reservation res.
4E9 Parker, I. C. Reservation res.
1W9 Parker, Jane B. (1917-2007)
1W10 Parker, Irwin C. (1916-1985)
20E7 Petit, Maria S. (1804-1868)
18W1 Pettit, A. Russell (?-1979)
18W2 Pettit reservation res.
18W3 Pettit reservation res.
18W4 Pettit reservation res.
13E1 Powell, Julianna (1816-1902)
13E2 Powell, Sarah K. (aged 73)
22W5 Pullen, Harry W. no stone, (buried approx. 1964 Carrie 6/24/69)
22W6 Pullen, (only 2 to be buried in 3 lots) (?)
22W7 Pullen, (only 2 to be buried in 3 lots) (?)
25W13 Randall, baby, (lived an hour)
17E10 Ridgway, Prudence (1769-1851)
17E11 Ridgway, Benjamin E. (1770-1856)
17E12 Ridgway, Joseph R. (V) (died 1862)
24E17 Rogers, Hannah S. (1811-1890)
24E18 Rogers, Joseph (1816-1878)
14W8 "5" initials G. S. (no dates)
32W11 Sackarnd, Anton (1870-1941)
32W12 Sackarnd, Lillian M. (1873-1940)
19W9 Sargent, Henrietta S. Bartlett (1847-1952)
5E1 Scattergood, Hannah A. (1831-1901)
5E2 Scattergood, Catharine (1833-1904)
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5E3 Scattergood, William W. (1839-1905)
24E20 Scattergood, William A. (1806-1878)
24E21 Scattergood, Rebecca H. (1817-1860)
24E22 Scattergood, Edna (1878-?)
3W8 Scattergood, Florence W. (1891-12/18/1978)
22W8 Severns reservation res.
22W9 Severns reservation res.
22W10 Severns reservation res.
31W1 Sexton, John R. M. (1864-1939)
31W2 Sexton, Amanda B. (1867-1940)
13E3 Shinn, Eben (1906-10/13/1976)
7W6 Smith, Frank D. (V) (1898-1968)
7W5 Smith, Helen B. (1894-1974)
12W11 Smith, Barbara Joyce (1951-1970)
7W7 Smith, F.D.S. Jr. reservations res.
7W8 Smith, F.D.S. Jr. reservations res.
7W9 Smith, F.D.S. Jr. reservations res.
7W10 Smith, F.D.S. Jr. reservations res.
7W11 Steelman, Gene and Earl reservation res.
7W12 Steelman, Gene and Earl reservation res.
25E3 Stevens, William M. (1883-1967)
25E4 Stevens, Mary E. (1886-1972)
7E6 Stockton, Susan K. (1824-1915)
11E12 Stockton, Rachel A. (1797-1875)
14E1 Stockton, Abigale M. (1828-1895)
14E2 Stockton, Marietta (1851-1898)
6W1 Stokes, Caroline C. (1828-1900?)
6W2 Stokes, Israel L. (1824-1901)
19W1 Stokes, James McIlvain (1865-1933)
19W10 Stokes, Helene P. (1867-1933)
20W1 Stokes, Charles (1791-1882)
10W2 Stokes, Tacy (1785-1877)
10W3 Stokes, Jarrett (1823-1870)
20W4 Stokes, Martha Hilyard (1830-1890)
20W5 Stokes, Pelletier (1893-1900)
20W6 Stokes, William (1827-1913)
20W7 Stokes, Anna McIlvain (1843-1931)
20W8 Stokes, Eleanor A. sunken stone (?)
20W9 Stokes, Rowland sunken stone (?)
20W10 Stokes, William J. (1868-1921)
20W11 Stokes, Margaret Perkins (1870-1954)
20W12 Stokes, Martha H. (1902-1953)
20W13 Stokes, Charles (1851-1928)
20W14 Stokes, Hillyard R. (V) (1896-1922)
6E5 Stokes, Phebe P. (1827-1913)
20E17 Stokes, John (1777-1854)
20E18 Stokes, Elizabeth W. (1780-1853)
20E24 Stokes, Mary (1788-1875)
21E1 Stokes, Thomas (On Bronze Plaque) (1640-1720)
21E1 Stokes, Mary Barnard (On Bronze Plaque) (?)
21E1 Stokes, John (On Bronze Plaque) (1675-1749)
21E1 Stokes, Elizabeth Green (On Bronze Plaque) (?)
21E1 Stokes, John, 2nd (On Bronze Plaque) (born 1713)
21E1 Stokes, Hannah Stockdale (On Bronze Plaque) (1718-1790)
21E1 Stokes, David (On Bronze Plaque) (1751-1830)
21E1 Stokes, Ann Lancaster (On Bronze Plaque) (1759-1835)
21E2 Stokes, unmarked stones in Stokes row (?)
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21E3 Stokes, unmarked stones in Stokes row (?)
21E3 Stokes, unmarked stones in Stokes row (?)
21E4 Stokes, unmarked stones in Stokes row (?)
21E5 Stokes, unmarked stones in Stokes row (?)
21E6 Stokes, unmarked stones in Stokes row (?)
21E7 Stokes, unmarked stones in Stokes row (?)
21E8 Stokes, unmarked stones in Stokes row (?)
21E15 Stokes, S. (no dates)
21E17 Stokes, I. (no dates)
19W2 Stokes, Evalina Bartlett (1871-1966)
18W11 "T" (initials M.B.T. no dates)
25W7 Tait reservation res.
25W8 Tait reservation res.
25W9 Tait reservation res.
25W10 Tait reservation res.
8W9 Taylor, Aunt Al (1846-1911)
8W10 Taylor, Hudson B. (1845-1929)
27W4 Thompson, Rosanna (1860-1878)
5E4 Thompson, Rebecca (1850-1913)
5E5 Thompson, Alexander (1847-1924)
12E11 Troth, Joseph E. (1846-1861)
12E14 Troth, Mary Emma (1852-1867)
15W1 Vansciver, George W. (1825-1902)
15W2 Vansciver, Elizabeth A. (1827-1913)
12W1 Walker, Reginald George (age 52)
12W2 Walker, Clara Louisa Lumley May '38 sunken stones (1869-1938)
12W3 Walker, Mary Hilyard May '38 sunken stones (?)
12W4 Walker, Robert Geoffrey (1920-1929)
12W6 Walker, Mary Hilyard (1859-1933)
12W7 Walker, Marjory F. (1896-1963)
12W8 Walker, Gwynneth D. (1906-1964)
12W9 Walker, Cora E. (1878-1969)
12W10 Walker, Geoffrey R. (1897-1977)
12W12 Walker, Henry E. (1894-1975)
5W1 Whitney, Laura K. (1866-1947)
3W9 Wickersham, Martha (1883-1972)
25E1 Wiggins, Norman S. (1902-1962)
25E2 Wiggins, Emily (1903-1974)
22W1 Williams, Henry W. (1855-1915)
22W2 Williams, Louisa C. (1858-1928)
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22W3 Williams, Charles R. (1882-1942)
22W4 Williams, Helen S. (1882-1953)
29W13 Williams, Robert E. (N) (1898 aged 3 Mo, 20 days)
7E1 Williams, Hannah B. (in her 64th year)
7E2 Williams, George (illegible)
7E3 Williams, Joseph T. (1890-1898)
7E4 Williams, Sarah W. (1821-1899)
7E5 Williams, Samuel (1820-1903)
7E7 Williams, Hannah C. (1857-1915)
7E8 Williams, Rachel A. (1852-1943)
11E13 Williams, George Henry (1878-1880)
3W7 Wills, Joseph (1886-1951)
6W7 Wills, Robert C. (1866-1954)
6W8 Wills, Caroline S. (1875-1958)
9W1 Wills, Rebecca B. (1801-1885)
9W2 Wills, Charles H. (1840-1884)
9W4 Wills, Sallie S. (1835-1922)
9W5 Wills, Sallie A. (1852-1905)
9W6 Wills, Alfred S. (1847-1932)
9W7 Wills, John (1838-1913)
9W8 Wills, Rosalie H. (1848-1915)
9W9 Wills, Howard H. (1844-1938)
9W10 Wills, Jerome (1869-1954)
9W12 Wills, Cornelia S. (1874-1960)
9W13 Wills, Howard, Jr. (1871-1963)
8E1 Wills, Anna T. (1857-1887)
8E2 Wills, Harper, Harvey Hasper? (1871-1892)
8E5 Wills, Chalkley O. (illegible)
9E1 Wills, Samuel (1785-1833)
9E2 Wills, Susanna N. (died 1891)
9E3 Wills, Martha Jarrett (1794-1871)
9E5 Wills, Aaron (1791-1875)
9E6 Wills, Daniel (1803-1870)
9E7 Wills, Samuel father (1850-1888)
9E8 Wills, Lydia D. (1819-1885)
9E9 Wills, Samuel J. (1821-1887)
9E10 Wills, William R. (1831-1887)
9E11 Wills, Chas. (1823-1888)
11E1 Wills, Aaron (1734-1805)
11E2 Wills, unmarked stones in Aaron Wills row (?)
11E3 Wills, unmarked stones in Aaron Wills row (?)
11E4 Wills, unmarked stones in Aaron Wills row (?)
11E5 Wills, unmarked stones in Aaron Wills row (?)
11E6 Wills, unmarked stones in Aaron Wills row (?)
11E7 Wills, unmarked stones in Aaron Wills row (?)
11E7 Wills, unmarked stones in Aaron Wills row (?)
11E9 Wills, unmarked stones in Aaron Wills row (?)
11E10 Wills, unmarked stones in Aaron Wills row (?)
11E9 Wills, unmarked stones in Aaron Wills row (?)
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11E10 Wills, Joseph (1781-1845)
11E11 Wills, John B. (1803-1870)
11E14 Wills, Joseph (1833-1913)
11E15 Wills, Mary Emma (1842-1920)
11E16 Wills, Rebekah B. (1874-1948)
12E1 Wills, Moses (1737-1807)
12E2 Wills, unmarked stones in Moses Wills row (?)
12E3 Wills, unmarked stones in Moses Wills row (?)
12E4 Wills, unmarked stones in Moses Wills row (?)
12E5 Wills, unmarked stones in Moses Wills row (?)
12E6 Wills, unmarked stones in Moses Wills row (?)
12E7 Wills, unmarked stones in Moses Wills row (?)
12E8 Wills, unmarked stones in Moses Wills row (?)
12E9 Wills, unmarked stones in Moses Wills row (?)
12E10 Wills, unmarked stones in Moses Wills row (?)
9W11 Wills, Lilla, Wife of Jerome (1878-1967)
27W7 Wimbley, Wm (V) (no dates)
19W12 Winner, William M. (1847-1932)
19W13 Winner, Miriam E. (1855-1906)
34E1 Winner, Florence Windle (1872-1942)
34E2 Winner, Walter Buzby (1880-1960)
8W1 Woolman, Dr. Granville S. (1807-1870)
8W2 Woolman, Phebe W. (1814-1889)
8W3 Woolman, Mary H. (1852-1860)
8W4 Woolman, Martha B. (1847-1889)
8W5 Woolman, Daniel L. (1843-1906)
8W6 Woolman, Mary E. (1847-1919)
8W7 Woolman, Granville, S. (1870-1905)
8W8 Woolman, Martha L. (1836-1911)
11W1 Woolman, Patience M. (1818-1868)
11W3 Woolman, Rebecca D. (1807-1866)
11W9 Woolman, William (1803-1865)
11W10 Woolman, Phebe (1807-1867)
11W12 Woolman, Sarah B. (1839-1893)
11W13 Woolman, Elizabeth B. (1790-1876)
11W15 Woolman, John J. (1813-1881)
12W16 Woolman, Charles S. (1809-1851)
13W1 Woolman, Hannah (aged 92 yrs died 180?)
13W2 Woolman, Granville (died in 1800s, aged 80 yrs)
19W11 Woolman, Nathan (1852-1919)
8E6 Woolman, Martha Wills (1879-1941)
8E7 Woolman, S. Jarrett (1869-1943)
8E8 Woolman, Sallie J. (1867-1943)
8E9 Woolman, D. Howard (1872-1945)
8E10 Woolman, Harriet K. (1874-1956)
20E26 Woolman, Edwin S. (1826-1891)
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22E17 Woolston, Abigale L. (illegible)

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