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Reminiscences of Early Childhood in Rancocas, New Jersey up to 1900

A paper by Ella M. L. (Lippincott) Williams.

Ella Williams (Cousin Ella to me, but actually my mother's cousin) was born Ella M. Lippincott in the village of Rancocas, New Jersey in 1875. She lived there until 1899 when she married Richard Williams.

She was active in the Friends Society all her life. Final services were held in her behalf at the Meeting House in Plainfield, NJ shortly after she died there in November 1960.

Sometime before her death, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the Quaker Meeting House at Rancocas, she was asked to prepare a paper about her reminiscences of her first 14 years, all spent at Rancocas.

The following has been keyed from: re-typed from a carbon copy of the original Ella Williams typed herself; it had become almost illegible. It may interest folks with some background in Burlington County.

Robert G. Lewis
Red Bank, New Jersey
April 23, 1988

Please click here to read Ella Williams' Reminiscenes.

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